[OPINION] The Next Greatest Generation On Campus

In November of 2008, Operation College Promise (OCP) was founded by the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities (NJASCU) to answer a call – the needs of returning servicemembers poised to transition from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. The nine-member institutions vowed to prepare their campuses to support these students as they moved toward completion of their college degrees.

[OPINION] How The Republican Tempest Over The Affordable Care Act Diverts Attention From 3 Large Truths


Having failed to defeat the Affordable Care Act in Congress, to beat it back in the last election, to repeal it despite more than eighty votes in the House, to stop it in the federal courts, to get enough votes in the Supreme Court to overrule it, and to gut it with outright extortion (closing the government and threatening to default on the nation’s debts unless it was repealed), Republicans are now down to their last ploy.

Writer’s Block: The Last Chance Holiday


My two favorite holidays of the year are the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. I love the 4th because it’s all about celebrating how we have evolved as a nation, from the underdog to the top dog, in less than two hundred and forty years. I also love Thanksgiving because it speaks about being humble; that is being thankful for what we have.

[OPINION] What Walmart Could Learn From Henry Ford


Walmart just reported shrinking sales for a third straight quarter. What’s going on? Explained William S. Simon, the CEO of Walmart, referring to the company’s customers, “their income is going down while food costs are not. Gas and energy prices, while they’re abating, I think they’re still eating up a big piece of the customer’s budget.”

The FDA’s Move To Take Artificial Trans Fats Entirely Out Of the Food Supply Is A Lifesaving Step


The Food and Drug Administration recently announced it is beginning a process that will take artificial trans fats entirely out of the food supply. This move is correctly being hailed as “lifesaving” by health experts. A recent USA Today report included a statement from the food industry saying that since 2005 manufacturers have already lowered trans fats in products by more than 73%.