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Celebrate March! Look Forward For Healthy Families

In March we look forward – eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring; and we look to the past – celebrating National Women’s History Month. Looking back, we might ask what our pioneer activists in women’s rights would say about tough choices working women still make to keep their families afloat.

Time For More Change In Perth Amboy

Peter Jiminez, City Council president, may be regarded as an elder “statesman” in some circles. But he sounds and acts more like a typical politician talking out of both sides of his mouth. His fellow council members, Bolanowski and Sottilaro, decided to call it quits, fearing the wrath of the over-burdened taxpayers.

The Health Care Question

The controversy over “health care” seems flawed. Its bottom line is to raise more money for the Insurance Cartel. They always need more money when there is a recession since they can’t depend on earnings from investments.

A Billion Here Or A Billion There?

There aren’t many easy choices for balancing the state’s budget this year and next. The deficit is real, and the state simply does not bring in enough revenue to meet its obligations. But some of the cuts being made this year and floated for next year deserve a closer look.

Helping Those Without Insurance

What do you do when you think you have the flu, strain your back, or come down with an ear infection? If you are one of the fortunate Americans who have health insurance, you might schedule an appointment with your doctor, go in for an exam, pay a small co-pay, and leave with care instructions or prescription medi-cation to help you feel better.

Got Water?

Imagine turning on your faucet and having nothing come out! Or paying hundreds of dollars every month to keep your tap water flowing. Even though New Jersey has been blessed with abundant water supplies, it’s very possible that this state we’re in will not have plentiful cheap water in the near future. Most of us take our water supplies for granted. How many of us are truly aware of where it comes from and what is needed to protect it?