Protecting The Rights Of Homeowners

These days there are many things to worry about financially. In addition to the stress of making every day ends meet, more and more homeowners are also finding themselves faced with the unthinkable possibility of losing their homes. Unfixed rates and other inconsistencies in lending practices have left many consumers in the dark and threaten to put many more out on the street if something isn’t done to regulate the way some lenders do business.

H1N1 Influenza – Stay Healthy, Stay Informed

Since H1N1 or swine flu was first detected in April, public health departments and the US government have frequently updated the public on suspected and confirmed cases and have continuously instructed residents on how to stay healthy.

I commend their efforts and I urge residents to continue to heed the warnings.

The Anointed Con

By James Devine I intended to title this article, ‘The Anointed One,’ but a typo offered a much smarter name to go identify with the GOP establishment’s purpose behind its intended coronation. I thought the argument of inevitability was ridiculous…

Does Marriage Need Saving?

 By James J. Devine Divorce and adultery are severe threats to the institution of marriage, as well as to the ‘nuclear family’ we once believed was ‘normal’ in America. A group based in New Jersey called the National Organization for…

Volunteer To Fight Cancer

 On the evening of Friday, June 12, volunteers from the American Cancer Society will be joining forces with residents of Clark and surrounding communities in reach of a goal that is common to nearly everyone: the goal is to eliminate…