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Leftover Lifesavers

The First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen supports over 30 local and worldwide charities with proceeds from our unique rummage sale. Many supporters of the rummage sale have asked, what then happens after the rummage sale, what happens after the crowds have disappeared, what happens to the clothes and knick-knacks leftover at the end of the day?

DUI in New Jersey

According to the Drunk driving laws of New Jersey, any person found with a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08% or more is eligible to be arrested for DUI and is considered to be driving under the influence, a common yet serious crime in the country.

Budget Puts College Opportunity On The Line

In a national context, New Jersey has funded public higher education poorly for many years. And given the state’s fiscal crisis, college and university leaders anticipated a budget cut requiring higher education to share the pain of helping the state balance its severely out of control budget.