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Controversy Reveals Constitutional Flaw

The controversy over the NJ Supreme Court reveals another flaw in the 1947 Constitution. Most states fill judicial posts through elections. The recent decision over a vacancy would never happen in Pennsylvania, New York, or the other states, which use a democratic process.

Why I Will Not Take Medicare Money

My reason for not accepting government money is a letter dated Feb 4, 1974, the year I graduated from medical school. My father, who owned a small contracting business, thumb-tacked it over his desk, to remind him not to bid on government jobs.

Gulags American-Style: Where People Disappear

How will you know that you’re living in a police state? When law enforcement authorities are empowered to stop and search anyone they deem to be “suspicious,” when citizens are being snatched up and made to disappear with no access to the legal system, and when it’s your own government that is operating secret prisons three steps removed from gulags—it’s a safe bet you’re under the auspices of an emerging totalitarian regime.

COAH Must Go

In the Home News Tribune of April, 11 former Assemblyman Rick Merkt (R-Morris) made a strong argument for the abolition of Council on Affordable Housing (COAH).