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Cutting “In Lieu” Payment Breaks Faith

With New Jersey’s unprecedented budget deficit, Governor Chris Christie is proposing unprecedented spending cuts. But cutting and possibly phasing out the Payment in Lieu of Taxes program breaks trust with the public and will discourage towns from protecting their critical open spaces and natural lands.

Medicare Payment Board Needs Fixing

Those who opposed the healthcare bill are currently debating whether “repeal and replace” should be the clarion call in the coming election. Regardless of how this debate turns out, those in favor of doing better should focus their immediate attention to identifying and fixing the most harmful parts of the legislation.

Is the Peace Movement Finally Awakening?

What America needs most today is a peace movement, a broad-based coalition that opposes not only the American empire’s operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (as well as less overt activities elsewhere), but also their attendant accretion of presidential power, which diminishes or eliminates civil liberties and the traditional protections accorded criminal suspects.