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What is the Financial Industry So Afraid Of?

I’ve owned a small business in St. Louis for 31 years. Like most of my customers and my 26 employees, I watched as greedy hedge funds, irresponsible investment banks and unscrupulous mortgage companies decimated our savings, investments and pension funds, and nearly drove our country into another Great Depression.

Horse Sense On Open Space

There’s a good reason the horse is New Jersey’s state animal. The Garden State’s rich agricultural heritage was built with horses and plows, long before the advent of tractors. Although today horses are rarely used for crop farming, they’re still an integral part of our state’s agricultural economy.

Early-Morning Cleanup Is Foul Play

On the morning of May 9th, Mother’s Day, as I opened my front door to go to work I witnessed my neighbor, Councilman Nelson Gonzalez, looking very agitated storming around my neighborhood snatching leaflets that were apparently distributed by someone earlier in the day.

The Case for Term Limits

We are witnessing the disintegration of our Republic at all levels with legislatures that are composed primarily of a political class of career politicians whose primary interest is getting reelected, not necessarily doing what is best for our country.