Set Karen Golding’s Computer Free!

Why have prosecutors refused to return Karen Golding’s computers and blackberry, which were seized at the time of her arrest in February 2006? Golding contends that her computer contains evidence of a three-year long sexual relationship between her and Joe…

Rotation In Office Is Mark Of Democracy

The recent election for US Senator in Massachusetts has some lessons. Andrew Jackson was the first President to say “rotation in office” is the mark of democracy. Inheriting a political position or keeping it for life is a mark of aristocracy, which is anti-democratic.

The ‘Hottest’ List Is Not The Best List!

New Jersey is home to the bog turtle, one of the nation’s 10 most endangered species, according to a new report, America’s Hottest Species. Produced by the Endangered Species Coalition in conjunction with other wildlife conservation groups, the report identifies animals and plants most threatened by global climate change.