Bill Would Stop The Clock For Developers

When you make important decisions, you most likely base them on the best information you have available at the time. When New Jersey towns make decisions with far-reaching impacts – like approving or denying a new housing development, shopping mall or industrial center – the towns want to base their decisions on the most current information, too.

The Government of God: An Easter Message

On a spring day in the year 30, two processions entered Jerusalem. It was the beginning of the week of Passover, the most sacred week of the Jewish year. In centuries past, Christians have celebrated this day as Palm Sunday. For many, this week, which ends with Easter, is the most sacred week of the Christian year.

Women and the Environment

Climate change is a critical issue in the 21st century, and as we observe Women’s History Month we should bear in mind the effect of the environment on women. Women make up the majority of the earth’s population, and are most vulnerable to changes in climate and environment.