Choose It Or Lose It: Six Reasons To Vote YES On Question 1

In this most densely populated state we’re in, visitors are almost always surprised when they see how much of New Jersey is not an industrial site off the N.J. Turnpike. Our state is still green, and still the Garden State!

We Desperately Need Health Care for All – Now

This past weekend I visited a festival at a church in a working class area of my district. These events are opportunities for people from the community to gather, to eat ethnic foods, listen to music and enjoy each other’s company; before the brisk, brooding Cleveland winter begins to set in.

Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer Needs Funding

For years I had heard about the horrors of cancer but never had it affect my life like it did seven years ago. My father, Richard, lost a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer, devastating our tight-knit family and taking away an active member of the Clark community with the Clark Historical Society as well as a teacher and friend.

Daggett’s Sales Tax Plan Is Flawed

Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett’s belief that imposing a sales tax upon services can automatically facilitate the reduction of property taxes is fundamentally flawed as it incorrectly assumes that consumers will continue to spend on those services at the same rate after these sales tax increases are implemented.

Children’s Safety Shouldn’t Be A Political Football

After attending a Middlesex County Freeholders meeting on Oct. 15, I felt compelled to write to describe a most disheartening situation. The Sayreville Board of Education has been pursuing for the past three years an effort to relocate the voting polls out of the elementary schools.

Voice Of The People: Change For Change

by James J. Devine

Jon Corzine has waged a campaign for re-election that does not even attempt to cloak his four years as governor in robes of success.

Instead, only reason given to re-elect the Wall Street billionaire who presided over a New Jersey that’s gotten worse than it was under McGreevey, is that you should be afraid of his opponent, Christopher Christie.

Donors Need To Be Comfortable With Where Charities Spend Their Money

Race for the breast cancer cure. It sounded like a compassionate thing to do. That is, until I discovered, a few days before the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Perth Amboy on Saturday, Sept. 24, that part of the organization’s proceeds go to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortion services.