Cryan Called Sheriff’s Disease

When I think of the term sheriff, I think of a position of integrity, that we should feel of sense of security and that laws of society will be upheld due to this integrity. I am sure each of you can only agree on this. The sheriff’s department is considered an integral part of good government.

Don’t Let ‘Lame Duck’ Turn To ‘Tough Turkey’

The phrase “lame duck” doesn’t usually evoke great deeds and transformational events. Politically, lame duck can mean chaos in the state Legislature, something like a concert with everything from Mussorgsky’s frenzied “Night on Bald Mountain” to Tchaikovsky’s serene “Swan Lake.”

AARP Thanks Representatives For Supporting Health Care Reform

AARP thanks Representatives Pascrell, Payne, Rothman, and Sires for their votes in favor of better health care for every New Jerseyan. With the passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962), we are one step closer to a stronger Medicare for seniors and future generations, and stable, affordable health care options for all Americans.

Voice of the People: Corzine Fired Again

For the second time in a decade, Jon Corzine has been fired for being irresponsible with other people’s money. About ten years ago, Corzine was ousted as CEO of the Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs because he poured investors’ money into a hedge fund that lost $4 billion.