NJ Needs An Elected Comptroller

As the prime sponsor of the bill that would create an elected Office of the Comptroller, I am encouraged by Governor-elect Chris Christie’s support for creating a comptroller that is independent, apolitical and empowered to hold all levels of government fiscally accountable.

Don’t Let Old Man Winter Sap Your Energy, Heat And Cash

As fall turns to winter and temperatures plunge, we remember how expensive it is to heat our homes. But you may not know that the New Jersey Office of Clean Energy (NJOCE) can help homeowners increase the energy efficiency of their homes. An energy efficient home is less expensive home to heat.

Get Out Now

President Barack Obama’s infusion of 34,000 new U.S. troops in Afghanistan is only going to prolong a war that has no end in sight.

What’s the exit strategy?

Plastic Surgery: Cut It Out

It’s hard to beat plastic for versatility. It’s used to make everything from life-saving medical tubing to explosives to food storage containers. But recent health questions are raising concerns: Is plastic safe for baby bottles? Does it release chemicals into food when microwaved?

Putting The Brakes On Red Light Cameras Is The Wrong Approach

Red light cameras are successfully used in a growing body of U.S. communities, as well as across the globe – from Taiwan to Germany to the United Kingdom – to reduce accidents caused by ignoring traffic signals at busy intersections.

Red Light Cameras Are Still Wrong For New Jersey

I’ve said in the past that red light cameras are a mistake, and I’m disappointed that three municipalities in the state [Newark, Brick and East Brunswick] are moving forward with the program. Simply put, these cameras are nothing more than a money-grab for municipalities, and will result in more traffic accidents than if we did nothing at all.