Gulf Oil Disaster Calls For Sustainable Transportation Revolution

The oil drilling explosion that killed 11 people on April 20th and the spill now killing massive amounts of wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico is a sign. It’s a sign of how bad our nation’s oil addiction has gotten and of how much we need to launch a sustainable energy revolution.

Is the Peace Movement Finally Awakening?

What America needs most today is a peace movement, a broad-based coalition that opposes not only the American empire’s operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (as well as less overt activities elsewhere), but also their attendant accretion of presidential power, which diminishes or eliminates civil liberties and the traditional protections accorded criminal suspects.

The Census Takers: A Government Against the People

In Virginia, a male Census Bureau worker, in clear violation of the Fourth Amendment guarantee against unreasonable searches and seizures, reportedly forced his way into a home after being informed by a 19-year-old boy that his mother was asleep and unavailable to answer his questions at that time.

Natural Catastrophes Are Unavoidable; Financial Calamity Can Be Prevented

The United States will mark the beginning of a very active 2010 Atlantic hurricane season on June 1st. The consensus among weather forecasting agencies is that the upcoming season could have 15 to 18 named storms; a doubling of last year’s total of nine named hurricanes.

What is the Financial Industry So Afraid Of?

I’ve owned a small business in St. Louis for 31 years. Like most of my customers and my 26 employees, I watched as greedy hedge funds, irresponsible investment banks and unscrupulous mortgage companies decimated our savings, investments and pension funds, and nearly drove our country into another Great Depression.

Horse Sense On Open Space

There’s a good reason the horse is New Jersey’s state animal. The Garden State’s rich agricultural heritage was built with horses and plows, long before the advent of tractors. Although today horses are rarely used for crop farming, they’re still an integral part of our state’s agricultural economy.