A Plea to the FDA

In June 2006, my mom was diagnosed with early stage two breast cancer. Avastin, a cutting-edge cancer medicine, saved her life. But in December, the FDA is expected to withdraw its approval of the drug.

Library Needs To Do More To Identify African-American History Resources

I’m writing this letter to you in reference to the Elizabeth Public Library. I am doing research for a book on African-American History. I visited the library on Friday, Sept. 24 and was told that there was no special section on African-American History.

Beck is anti-American

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE by James J. Devine Glenn Beck  is not ‘awesome’ …He’s awkward.  Glenn Beck is a small-minded, anti-American zealot who rejects facts and advocates fear & hate. [smartads] A drug addict who turned to Mormonism — a…

Fox calls for repeal of the 20th century

Since President Obama’s election, Fox News personalities have expressed opposition to or called for the repeal of virtually every progressive achievement of the 20th century, including Social Security, Medicare, the Americans with Disabilities Act, portions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution.

Get “Evolved” For World Animal Month

October is World Animal Month! It’s a chance to celebrate animal life in all of its forms, and the intricate, symbiotic bonds between humanity and the animal kingdom. And what better way to celebrate than making animal-friendly lifestyle changes?

Time Is Running Out For Non-Profits To Keep Tax-Exempt Status

We at the Internal Revenue Service are concerned because as many as 10,000 small community-based nonprofits in New Jersey are in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt status. The loss of this status could greatly impact the organizations’ charitable work and their donors’ potential tax deductions.