Save New Jersey Network, A Treasured Conservation Partner

New Jersey’s budget crunch has extended its reach to New Jersey Network (NJN), the state’s public television station since 1968. NJN has become the place to go for a credible source of information, news and educational programs about New Jersey.

No Better Time Than Autumn To Fall In Love With Nature

The gold and crimson palettes of oaks and maples. The refreshing chill to the air after so many months of heat and humidity. That timeless first night of wood smoke from fireplaces down the street. And the crunch of freshly fallen leaves underfoot.

Raising Up an Orwellian Generation

When my granddaughter was a baby, she was blissfully unaware of the fact that she was under constant surveillance. Between her doting parents, her equally doting grandparents and a baby monitor that was always turned on and tuned in, there was little she could do that went undetected.

Top 10 craziest Tea Party quotes of all time

Remember that old show, “Children say the darndest things?” In this political climate, largely fueled by the tea party movement and a host of “not-ready-for-prime-time” hopefuls for elected office, that show could easily be revamped. There are obviously quite a…

Democrats for Cassio

I am not a lifelong Rahway resident but settled here 10 years ago. My wife and I had reasons to move here because the town had potential. We have put a lot of money and time into making our house nice for our family, of 5 children. I see a number of residents in my area that have done the same.

Ending Tax Cuts for High Income Brackets is Right for Small Business

A good friend and fellow businessman once told me, “Give me more customers and I’ll be forced to buy equipment and hire people to meet demand. Give me a tax break without more customers and I’ll just go to Aruba.”

It’s Time To Grant State Colleges The Same Authority As Other Public Colleges & Universities

The continuing financial woes facing governments, institutions, families and individuals these days are causing us to reflect on whether the ways we have been doing things historically are indeed the best ways. The pressure to economize during tough financial times can often provide the impetus for outside-the-box thinking.

Voice of the People: Please Stop The Same Old GOP

The New Republican Agenda is the old Republican agenda: Tax cuts for the rich, cutting Social Security & Medicare, putting your health in the hands of greedy insurance companies, strangling government’s ability to assure justice and equality, and starting another war for oil.