Voice Of The People: If You Love America, Then You Should Kill It

The oddest thing about the reactionary support for Republicans is that — as the tea baggers proved in dozens of primary elections around the country — to be deemed worthy of membership in the modern G.O.P. one must be a narrow-minded, Bible-thumping, war-mongering supporter of incompetence, greed, lawlessness, cronyism and mismanagement.

We Know We’re In Trouble

Just two years ago, an overwhelming number of Americans voted for “hope”, their goal being an undefined “change”. This year Americans are focused, and are voting with the hope that our lawmakers will change their ways and give us the responsible government we desperately need.

My Wish for You: A Love Letter to Women During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer. They’re two small words that barely take up any space on a piece of paper, but they have the power to spark great fear, grief, sadness, and regret—and they’ve irrevocably changed the lives of millions of women across the country, including myself.


Like everything else in the new century, bullying has been affected by the Internet. No longer content with shaking down classmates for lunch money or stuffing freshman into lockers, bullies now lurk behind computer screens and cell phones.

To Grow Our Prosperity, Let My Tax Cuts Expire

Congress should do the responsible thing and let tax cuts for high earners expire at the end of this year. As someone who has benefited from these tax cuts, I believe we must restore balance to a federal tax system that has been tilted in favor of the wealthiest 5 percent for a generation.

Moving Capital and Winning the Debate on Climate

Disasters from climate change are becoming more frequent and more severe – consider this year alone, with the devastating flooding in Pakistan, the Russian heat wave, an incredible ice chunk calving off of Greenland – and New York’s hottest summer on record.