Treasure Hunting In Our Treasured Places

Technology is often accused of turning people into couch potatoes. There’s no question that far too many folks spend far too much time in front of computers, TVs and video games – and not enough time outdoors getting fresh air and exercise.

Governor’s Barnegat Bay Plan Can Float If Holes Are Plugged

During his campaign for governor, Chris Christie promised to clean up and restore Barnegat Bay. Eleven months after taking office, Governor Christie announced a “comprehensive plan of action” to fulfill his promise.

NJ Needs Innovative Ways to Help New Charter Schools Secure Facilities

Creation of a charter school in New Jersey is no easy task, evident from the stories told over the years by founders of the 73 charter schools now open in the state, as well as the many other organizers whose proposed schools never got off the ground.

Beware the Campaign for War against Iran

Despite the horror with which the war party has received the WikiLeaks dump of secret diplomatic cables, at least some of the revelations were cheered. Those who have been agitating for an attack on Iran were pleased to see cables apparently reporting that the heads of Arab states also favor war.

Red Light Cameras: Safety Devices or One More Step Toward a Surveillance State?

Before Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, unleashed full body imaging scanners and “enhanced” pat downs on American airline passengers, she subjected Arizona drivers to red light cameras.

The Beginning of the End for Obamacare?

One of the key provisions of the Obama administration’s healthcare law has been struck down as unconstitutional by Federal District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson. The decision is the culmination of a lawsuit brought by the Commonwealth of Virginia against Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.