Trudi’s Corner

I know that there are times when I repeat incidences and personal observations. I will always comment and keep track of possible reports in regards to cell phone ignorance when driving. Hopefully I will never be a victim by one of these.

‘This Land Is Our Land’ … Don’t Divert It!

The familiar opening lyrics to Woody Guthrie’s 1945 folk classic, “This Land Is Your Land,” should be taken literally when talking about our public lands. This land IS your land – and my land, too. We hold it in public trust for future generations. Unfortunately, in these tough economic times, the desire to divert open space to other uses is becoming all too common.

What Matters Most: A TV Sports Package Or Protecting Your Family?

This might sound like a trivial choice but, surprisingly, many Americans choose to continue to sit down with a beer to watch football while leaving their family dangerously exposed in the event of a catastrophe. It is true that many face a much tougher immediate choice such as whether to pay the rent or buy some food this week, and it is sad that the economy has driven many to these tough choices.