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Trudi’s Corner

Not too long ago, I had written about Gov. Christie’s plan to help returning veterans and the problems they are facing, including homelessness. I have no idea how things are progressing, and hopefully it hasn’t fallen by the wayside.

Bill Supports A Winning Strategy For New Jersey Higher Education, Students, And Economic Development

Partnerships between public institutions of higher education and private developers expand campus capacity, generate jobs, create high-quality facilities, and save time and money. Thanks to a new extension signed into law with bipartisan leadership and support, the state colleges and universities have more time to pursue these valuable partnerships.

LBI Town Forum Shopping To Avoid Paying Just Compensation?

The Press of Atlantic City reports that Long Beach Township intends to use eminent domain in its forthcoming beach replenishment cases involving oceanfront properties within its boundaries. However, unlike its neighbor – Harvey Cedars – Long Beach will apparently be seeking to avoid trials in New Jersey Superior Court, where property owners have received just compensation as due under the New Jersey Constitution.

ANALYSIS: False Quick Fixes For American Health Care

You’ve heard it before. Let’s deep six ObamaCare and replace it with a trio of sure-fire free-market solutions to the problems that plague our health care system. All that’s really needed, we’re told, is to pass tort reform, allow insurance companies to sell policies across state lines and encourage people to set up health savings accounts.

The Stall Has Arrived

Friday’s jobs report for April was even more disappointing than March. Employers added only 115,000 new jobs, down from March’s number (the Bureau of Labor Statistics revised the March number upward to 154,000, but that’s still abysmal relative to what’s needed). We need well over 250,000 new jobs per month in order to begin to whittle down the vast number of jobs lost in the Great Recession.

The GOP’s Achilles Heel

Though some may find the forecast far-fetched, global warming could prove fatal to the GOP this November – or in the near future. Why? A large majority of Americans now say unequivocally that the whiplash weather bringing drought, deluge and scorching heat mostly to Red States over the past two years, was intensified by global warming, according to a new study.