Pointing Out The Value Of The NJSIAA

As the fall high school athletic season has concluded and the winter season has begun, we’ve been treated, as always, to some truly inspiring performances by student athletes across New Jersey. And this is wonderful news- because, more than any other country in the world, the education system here in America provides participation in athletic endeavors directly into students’ overall educational experiences.

“God Bless All Of You On The Earth”

On December 21, the Apollo 8 spaceship blasted its way through the earth’s atmosphere to begin the first U.S. mission to orbit the moon—a mission that would set the stage for the first moon landing less than a year later. On board were astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders. By Christmas Eve, the Apollo 8 had begun to orbit the moon.

Before You Step Under The Mistletoe…

Mistletoe is one of our most iconic holiday symbols. You see it in pictures, hear about it in familiar carols, and either look for it or avoid it depending on your romantic status! But what do you really know about the plant, the origins of the many customs surrounding its use, and New Jersey’s unique tradition of “mistletoe hunting?”