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Thoughts On Tax Day 2012

As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., wrote in 1904, “taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” But the wealthiest Americans, who haven’t raked in as much of America’s income and wealth since the 1920s, are today paying a lower tax rate than they have in over thirty years.

Congressional Candidate Offers Opinions On Taxes & Their Impact On Job Creation

Rising gas prices, wasteful government spending, Obama Care, now combined with our President’s rhetoric around raising taxes on investors and job creators, are all threatening to undermine our economic recovery. Rather than raising taxes, we should be lowering all tax rates, resulting in everyone paying into the system. This approach will not only bring fairness and stability to our tax code, but it will stimulate economic growth and job creation for millions of Americans.

Amphibian Crossings – Slow Down!

On early spring nights with just the right conditions – rainy, over 40 degrees and no frozen ground – huge numbers of frogs, toads and salamanders suddenly respond to nature’s call. Venturing from their winter burrows in wooded uplands, they head to the marshy lowlands and vernal pools of their birth, where instinct leads them to return and mate.