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Marking Workers’ Memorial Day

Freeholder Director Ronald Rios

Every year, millions of men and women lose their lives or suffer debilitating illnesses or injuries while at work. To honor these workers, Workers’ Memorial Day was established nationally in 1989 and is commemorated each year on April 28.

The Empire Strikes Back: Attack Of The Drones

Drones—unmanned aerial vehicles—come in all shapes and sizes, from nano-sized drones as small as a grain of sand that can do everything from conducting surveillance to detonating explosive charges, to massive “hunter/killer” Predator warships that unleash firepower from on high.

ANALYSIS: Putting Our Premiums Into Medical Care, Not Profits

The recent news from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation that health insurers will have to send rebate checks totaling more than $1.3 billion to Americans this summer was especially gratifying to me. It more than justified my decision three years ago to clue members of Congress in on how insurance companies have systematically been devoting ever-increasing portions of our premium dollars to rewarding their shareholders and top executives.

Trudi’s Corner

I am absolutely not interested in the outcome and results of the elections being held, as to the outcome of the one who may be the next presidential candidate. The elections being held are not in my area. Just imagine what it’s going to be next year, with the die-hard Republicans and die-hard Democrats.