Choosing Wind Over Coal

Wind power is the future. It’s the most cost-effective source of renewable energy, and is starting to undercut fossil fuels. Power from conventional coal costs $68 per megawatt-hour, while wind power in high resource areas cost $65 per megawatt-hour.

The Stop Online Piracy Act: Yet Another Stealth Maneuver To Control The Internet

Americans have seen their freedoms decline on almost every front over the past decade. We have been spied on by surveillance cameras, eavesdropped on by government agents, had our belongings searched, our phones tapped, our mail opened, our email monitored, our opinions questioned, our purchases scrutinized (under the USA Patriot Act, banks are required to analyze your transactions for any patterns that raise suspicion and to see if you are connected to any objectionable people), and our activities watched.

Trudi’s Corner: “Too Soon Old And Too Late Smart”

Recently, there was an article in the Star-Ledger about the Bamberger Thanksgiving Day Parade. That I do remember, having gone with my children to see it. It has been a long time since I thought of it, and some good memories. Over the years, I had really expected to be able to attend the one in New York, but sadly it never happened.