Five Ways to Introduce Your Child to the World

When was the last time you had a discussion with your youngster about events taking place in the news: the oil wells that blow up in Libya, a gold mine strike in South Africa, the political turmoil in Somalia? Have you ever asked your child what he/she thinks about any of these events and how the events might have an effect on him or her?

Voice of the People: Voting To Send A Message

America’s seniors have always contributed their wisdom, experience, and courage to move our community forward. Our seniors deserve the fulfilling, prosperous life they bestowed upon their children. While they may not always be highly partisan, it is becoming clear that they need to use this election to send Republicans this message: Hands Off Social Security & Medicare!

The War On Drugs Has Become The War On The American People

Insisting that the “damage done by drugs is felt far beyond the millions of Americans with diagnosable substance abuse or dependence problems,” President Obama has declared October 2011 to be National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. However, while drug abuse and drug-related crimes have unquestionably taken a toll on American families and communities, the government’s own War on Drugs has left indelible scars on the population.