It’s Time for All Americans to Occupy Washington, DC

The ongoing recession, continuously high unemployment, home foreclosures, congressional intransigence, and the circus of electoral politics are symptoms of a disease so widespread as to have rendered the government altogether incapable of carrying out its mandate, which is to protect the rights of its citizens, individually and collectively.

Repatriation Con Games

Lobbyists are storming Capitol Hill, pushing a tax holiday that would give billions of dollars in tax breaks to less than 1 percent of American businesses – and stick the other 99 percent with the bill. But of course, they can’t say that. So tax holiday advocates are using a high-powered version of the email con known as the “Nigerian scam.”

Continue The Fight Against Alzheimer’s

In 2007, former Gov. Jon S. Corzine signed legislation that permanently designated the first Monday in November as Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Day in New Jersey, which falls on November 7 this year. That action was a direct result of the efforts of our New Jersey Alzheimer’s disease advocates.