No Longer Home Sweet Home: The Ongoing Housing Crisis and the End of an Era

Economic cheerleaders on Wall Street and in the White House are taking heart. The US has had three straight months of faster job growth. The number of Americans each week filing new claims for unemployment benefits is down by more than 50,000 since early January. Corporate profits are healthy. The S&P 500 on Friday closed at a post-financial crisis high.

Making Sense Of School Shootings

On Feb. 27, 2012, a teenager—reportedly a victim of bullying and something of a social outcast—walked into a Cleveland high school and opened fire in the cafeteria, killing two students and wounding three others. The teenager, identified as T.J. Lane, has been taken into police custody. Now media pundits are speculating on who or what is to blame for this latest spate of violence.

Voice of the People: Decide For Yourself

Instead of focusing on getting our economy back on track, House Republicans are making an effort to radically change the law on birth control, abortion and a multitude of other issues pertaining to women’s health and the degree to which government gets involved in our personal privacy.

NJ Health Insurance Exchange Will Help Fix Broken System

Health care insurance is important to protect my family’s health and my small business. By going without coverage, we are taking the risk that we could lose everything. If one of us were to get sick and need hospitalization, the heavy costs could force me to use the assets of my business to cover medical debt, which could destroy my business.

Trudi’s Corner

I have been going back over articles I had written some months ago. There are those, when I would repeat myself about certain situations, and here I go again, as a reminder of what’s still going on.

Are Antibacterial Soaps Anti-Life?

When my sister and I were kids, we giggled upon learning that 60 percent of the human body is comprised of water. We wiggled and wobbled and moved our bodies in mushy wave-like motions, mimicking the sloshy mess one would expect of something made largely of liquid.