Trudi’s Corner: Odds & Ends

Have I told you, I normally pick up articles from the newspaper to write about? I pay attention to news reports and T.V. and also ads that come in the mail. Can I tell you, I’m so loaded with come-ons from definite ones, that I call them personally or by return mail, especially, when begging for funds with those addressed to my deceased husband?

Remember Our Real National Debt On Veterans Day

Fewer than 10 percent of Americans can claim the title “veteran.” And while the great military phrase “uncommon valor was a common virtue,” has been so often repeated that it risks becoming a cliché, it is no less true. We must ask ourselves as a nation, are we serving veterans even half as well as they have served us?

No Regrets: Frank Kravetz’s Story

“Just existing became what was important,” says 87-year-old Frank Kravetz of Pittsburgh, captive of the “hell-hole” that was Nuremberg Prison Camp. “Yet even as I struggled with the day-to-day sadness and despair, I never once had any regrets that I signed up to serve.”

Some Thoughts For Veterans Day

As we mark another Veterans Day, I have these thoughts. First and foremost, we should think of our men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States. It is estimated that more than 90 percent of our civilian population never think of their well-being, and don’t care that they are in harm’s way, at least those who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s Time for All Americans to Occupy Washington, DC

The ongoing recession, continuously high unemployment, home foreclosures, congressional intransigence, and the circus of electoral politics are symptoms of a disease so widespread as to have rendered the government altogether incapable of carrying out its mandate, which is to protect the rights of its citizens, individually and collectively.

Repatriation Con Games

Lobbyists are storming Capitol Hill, pushing a tax holiday that would give billions of dollars in tax breaks to less than 1 percent of American businesses – and stick the other 99 percent with the bill. But of course, they can’t say that. So tax holiday advocates are using a high-powered version of the email con known as the “Nigerian scam.”