Offbeat News

Stampede at Watchung

MOUNTAINSIDE — Route 22 was closed for half-an-hour Sunday morning while horses were rounded up after they escaped from the Watchung Stables at about 8:15 a.m., county police said. “The horses — all county owned — are in good condition…

Professor Says NASA’s Close Encounter With A New Life Form Is A Valid Discovery

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – NASA astrobiologists have discovered a new organism that is unlike anything ever seen before on Earth. The discovery challenges the long held assertions about how life might evolve on alien planets, and could change the way we look for life in the universe.

Today is Guy Fawkes Day

An often vilified would-be terrorist of British history, Guy Fawkes was foiled on November 5th, 1605, yet his attempt to do away with the government embodies the righteous principle of rebellion from a notoriously corrupt and abusive government that has risen to power.