Accountant: Do Your Homework Before Donating To Earthquake Relief Charities

CLARK – After seeing the images of devastation in Japan caused by the earthquake and tsunami on Friday, many people will want to donate to humanitarian relief efforts. While there are many organizations collecting money for the cause, Clark accountant Thomas Angelo, CPA advises you to do your research before sending your contribution.

Insurance Reality Check

When it comes to insurance, many people face the Goldilocks dilemma: Am I buying too much coverage, not enough, or just the right amount? How do you determine your proper insurance levels while ensuring you don’t waste money on unneeded coverage – or worse, leave your family exposed?

Tax Filing Deadline Looms

Nobody likes being nagged, but I’m going to risk reader displeasure by reminding everyone that there are hefty financial consequences if you owe income taxes and do not file a return on time – or at least request a filing extension.

Bill Allowing For-Profits To Organize As Issue-Driven Companies Now Law

TRENTON – A bill to create a new type of corporate structure in New Jersey that allows for-profit companies to organize in a way that promotes their social or environmental mission has been signed into law by Gov. Chris Christie.

IRS Has $36.5 Million for New Jerseyans Who Have Not Filed a 2007 Tax Return

MOUNTAINSIDE — Unclaimed refunds totaling approximately $36.5 million are awaiting about 31,000 New Jerseyans who did not file a federal income tax return for 2007. To collect the money, a return for 2007 must be filed with the IRS no later than April 18.

Think Twice Before Tapping Retirement Plans

Before the housing crisis, it wasn’t uncommon for people to raid their home-equity piggybanks to pay off bills. Plummeting home values and tougher lending standards helped curb that practice, leading some people to engage in a far more disturbing habit: borrowing or withdrawing money from their retirement accounts to cope with financial hardship.