Easing Student Loan Repayments

College costs are out of control. Total outstanding student loans hover around $1 trillion, second only to home mortgages. Student loan repayment takes a hefty toll on starting salaries even during good economic times. But with so many recent graduates unable to find a decent job – or any job – repayment can be a nightmare.

College Offers Workshops For Jobseekers

CRANFORD – A new year marks a new beginning for many in the employment sector, either in finding a position after a layoff or simply exploring new opportunities for career enhancement. During January, Union County College will present two, single-session workshops in resume writing and job interview techniques on Saturday mornings at the Cranford Campus.

Bank Offers “Financial Resolutions” For Start Of New Year

STATE — The New Year is fast approaching. With its promise of starting fresh, The Provident Bank suggests committing to financial resolutions this year! But rather than setting vague financial goals, such as “get rid of debt” and “stick to a budget,” the bank recommends making a list of specific, measurable resolutions to whip your finances into shape.