Clark To Participate In Statewide Medicine Disposal Day

CLARK—On Saturday, Nov. 14, the Clark Police Department will join 250 Law Enforcement agencies across New Jersey in support of Operation Medicine Cabinet, a joint program in cooperation with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and the New Jersey State Attorney General.

Avoiding Fraudulent Diabetic Supplies

The National Retail Federation has updated its “Buyer Beware” list of common household items sold through online auction sites. Certain products, including diabetes supplies, according to the NRF, have a higher than average risk of being stolen or tainted, and, therefore, can pose serious health risks to consumers.

Recession Has Dramatically Reshaped Women’s Childbearing Desires

Amid growing concerns about unemployment and health care, many women have trouble meeting contraceptive needs, according to a Guttmacher Institute survey of the recession’s impact on women’s most personal decisions.

State Health Dept. Offers Information About H1N1 Flu

New Jersey continues to maintain open lines of communication with the public to ensure they have access to the most recent information on H1N1 influenza. There are a number of tools that New Jerseyans can use to stay informed, and simple everyday actions we can take to stay healthy.