[PHOTOS] Indoor Soccer – GOAL!!!!!

CLARK — Clark Recreation recently opened another season of indoor soccer. What better way to spend a snowy cold day in the winter than playing soccer? Almost 400 children signed up this year, with games taking place on Friday night and all day Saturday to accommodate all the teams from grades K – 8.

Writer’s Block: Little Women, Jersey Style


When I was a young girl, my favorite book was “Little Women”, a story about four sisters growing up poor in New England around the time of the Civil War. They were encouraged by their mother to be independent, resilient and career-minded. Back then I never realized that Louisa May Alcott was so far ahead of her time or how relevant her story would be in 2014.

[PHOTO] Energy Experiments


CLARK — Fifth graders at Valley Road School in Clark participated in a hands-on science experiment before winter break. Students in Bryan Lowe’s fifth grade class tested different materials to observe ways energy can transfer.