Berkeley Heights

Mosquito spraying scheduled

Mosquito control spraying is scheduled for Friday, July 11 between 7pm and 12am, weather permitting, in the following locations: Berkeley Hts. – DPW Yard, Eaton Ct. Area, Shadow La., Euclid Ave., Mt. Carmel Area, Wren Ct., Sycamore Ave. Clark – Frances Dr., Feather Bed La.…

Justice’s last parade

UNION COUNTY — The county’s mounted police horse, Justice, will be retired after his last parade Monday, May 26, when Officer Frank Catena trailers him through Clark to honor fallen warriors on Memorial Day. Justice, who began his 14 year…

Wharton Music Center Launches A Vinyl Listening Lab


BERKELEY HEIGHTS — Wharton Music Center (WMC) has added a listening lab and extensive vinyl LP (long playing record) collection to its audio recording studio for listeners of all ages. With over 5,000 records of classical music, opera, rock, Broadway shows, and popular music, the listening lab is free and open to the public.