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[OPINION] Stop Demonizing Iran

Not everyone wants the United States to improve relations with Iran. Some prefer war instead. Not because Iran is a threat to the American people, or the Israelis, but because a friendly Iran would no longer furnish the convenient enemy the hawks in the United States and Israel need.

World Vasectomy Day is Oct. 18

World Vasectomy Day is being held on Oct. 18, when surgeons around the world have undertaken to perform the operation, in many cases before a live audience while others will be filmed. The event will be launched in front of a live…

Obituary: Novelist Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy, who has died aged 66, was the author of gung-ho techno-military thrillers which generated many millions of dollars, a number of successful films, and a franchise of equally popular – and profitable – video games. In Clancy’s books,…

What We’re Seeing Now: Climate Scientists Get Swift-boated

The word early from scientists gathered in Stockholm is clear: The planet is changing, and humans are the cause. But the message from media outlets in the days and weeks leading up to Friday’s release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment presented a far murkier picture: Global temperatures haven’t risen in the past 15 years, Arctic Sea ice is growing and scientists are scrambling to explain why.