Christie missed ObamaCare deadline, state to forfeit $7.6 million

STATE — The Christie administration missed Thursday’s deadline for spending $7.6 million in federal funds to help launch our health exchange under the Affordable Care Act. Christie’s inaction showed he would rather appease arch-conservative Republicans rather than help guide Jerseyans…

Climate change threatens severe global water shortage

by Ari Phillips A new study by a diverse group of researchers from twelve countries found that of the human impacts stemming from climate change, the threat it poses to global water supplies may be the most severe. Published in the Proceedings…

One year of senseless silence on gun violence

Voice of the People by James J. Devine

One year ago today, we lost 26 fellow Americans to gun violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. We lost 20 of our youngest students, and six dedicated school workers. To mark the anniversary of that tragedy with…

Rapid Sea Level Rise Would Leave Jersey Shore Vulnerable To Flooding Worse Than Sandy

STATE – Scientists at Rutgers and Tufts universities estimate that sea level will rise 18 inches at the Jersey shore over the next 37 years, according to newly published research that appears in the inaugural issue of the journal Earth’s Future.