What We’re Seeing Now: Climate Scientists Get Swift-boated

The word early from scientists gathered in Stockholm is clear: The planet is changing, and humans are the cause. But the message from media outlets in the days and weeks leading up to Friday’s release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment presented a far murkier picture: Global temperatures haven’t risen in the past 15 years, Arctic Sea ice is growing and scientists are scrambling to explain why.

[OPINION] Congress And Syria

As Washington swirls with proposals, counter-proposals, and political brinksmanship in response to diplomatic efforts on Syria, the situation has a lot of people scratching their heads. Couldn’t President Obama and Congress have handled this differently?

Progressives Oppose U.S. Military Action In Syria

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nearly three-quarters of MoveOn members are opposed to Congress authorizing the use of military force in Syria. The liberal organization is urging its eight million members to contact their Congressional representatives to persuade them to “vote no” on the use of military force in Syria.

[OPINION] Obama’s Political Capital And The Slippery Slope Of Syria

Even if the President musters enough votes to strike Syria, at what political cost? Any president has a limited amount of political capital to mobilize support for his agenda, in Congress and, more fundamentally, with the American people. This is especially true of a president in his second term of office. Which makes President Obama’s campaign to strike Syria all the more mystifying.

[OPINION] Ten Reasons Why America Does Not Need To Go To War Over Syria

For once, I would love to hear a government official reject a call to war because it is immoral; because we have greater needs here at home that require our attention and our funds; because we’re already $1 trillion poorer due to these endless, mindless wars; because America should not be policing the world; because we refuse to enrich the military industrial complex while impoverishing our nation; because endless wars will never result in peace; and because there are never any winners in war, only losers.