[OPINION] Obama, NSA Spying & The Dangers Of Secretive, Authoritarian Government


Recent reports indicating that President Obama was aware of and personally approved an NSA program that involved spying on the personal communications of various international leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have once again highlighted the deception and intransigence of the Obama administration in dealing with the revelations that the National Security Agency has been acting outside the bounds of the law, sucking up electronic communications the world over.

Supreme Court to hear greenhouse gas case

Source: The Hill Author: Ben Geman The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to review whether the Environmental Protection Agency has the power to require greenhouse gas permits for big stationary pollution sources such as power plants, factories and refineries. The…

[OPINION] Stop Demonizing Iran

Not everyone wants the United States to improve relations with Iran. Some prefer war instead. Not because Iran is a threat to the American people, or the Israelis, but because a friendly Iran would no longer furnish the convenient enemy the hawks in the United States and Israel need.