New Jersey Sells $200,000 Ticket As Powerball Rolls To $220 Million

STATE — With no winner of the top prize on Wednesday, the Powerball jackpot will roll to $220,000,000 for the next drawing to be held tomorrow night, Saturday, May 29 at 11 p.m. on NJN-TV – the New Jersey Network.

Queens Man Indicted For Performing Illegal Cosmetic Surgery

ELIZABETH — A Union County Grand Jury indicted a Queens, N.Y. man Wednesday who is accused of performing illegal cosmetic surgery inside a spa on Rahway Avenue in Elizabeth, according to Union County Prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow.

“…street light shine…”

In this day and age, we often strive to do ‘good’, and to have ‘good’ done for us…

So many are currently homeless, helpless, and most of all, hopeless…

Pastors Paul and Karen Yuschak try to bring that hope back…

Change Team On TV

ELIZABETH — Six city council candidates who are challenging the regular political organization have purchased $35,000 worth of television airtime to broadcast a message that accuses political insiders of being corrupt.