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Writer’s Block: Knock It Off About Knock Offs!

First came black Friday, which really started on Thursday, followed by cyber Monday. No matter how we label the day, this is the season when retailers hope that consumers will shop with their hearts instead of their heads. The good news is that Christmas can still be merry this year, but the bad news is that we’ll pay more for the merry part.

14 Gas Stations Accused Of Selling Lower-Than-Advertised Octane Fuel

AVENEL – The New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures (OWM), within the State Division of Consumer Affairs, today joined the Bergen County, Camden County, Gloucester County, and Middlesex County offices of weights and measures, in announcing charges against 14 gas stations accused of misleading consumers by selling fuel with octane levels lower than those advertised on the pumps.

New Scrutiny Of Worker Safety Excludes Some Chemical Plants

From The Center for Public Integrity: Worries about fires, explosions and chemical releases prompted the federal agency in charge of workplace safety on Wednesday to expand a special inspection program focusing on the nation’s chemical plants. Regulators believe the industry is particularly vulnerable to such hazards, meriting the closer attention.