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Will The $55 Billion Bomber Program Fly?

When the Obama administration dispatched three B-2 bombers from a Missouri air base on March 19 last year to cross the ocean and reach Libya, it put roughly $9 billion worth of America’s most prized military assets into the air. The bat-shaped black bombers, finely machined to elude radar and equipped with bombs weighing a ton apiece, easily demolished dozens of concrete aircraft shelters near Libya’s northern coast.

Property Owners’ Prayers Answered by Supreme Court in Sackett Case

Property owners Michael and Chantell Sackett of Priest Lake, Idaho fought the law, and surprisingly, they won. On March 21, 2012, the Supreme Court of the United States – in a unanimous decision – sided with the property owners in determining that the property owners had the right to challenge an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance order in the United States District Court. Both the District Court and the Circuit Court had sided with EPA.

Two Men Convicted In 2010 Elizabeth Carjacking

ELIZABETH – Last week, a Union County jury returned guilty verdicts against Naji Muhammad, 27, and Hazma Abdul-Matin, 24, for 18 counts of first-degree carjacking, armed robbery, eluding law enforcement, resisting arrest, weapons offenses and pointing a firearm at a police officer, announced Union County Prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow.


Dear EarthTalk: Cuba just began drilling for oil not far from U.S. shores and hopes to become a major exporter. What ramifications does this have for the environment? — Betsy Shaw, Troy, NY.