Trudi’s Corner: Two For One Isn’t Always A Deal

It amazes me – or maybe at times amuses me – when I see ads and the inducements stores use to attract customers. At this point, they’re using gas credits as a come-on. I do like the ones that advertise health items, “buy one, get one free.” In some instances, I’m definitely partial to certain food products and juices, and I’m always on the alert for ice cream deals.

“Captain America: The First Avenger” – At Last, This Summer’s Blockbuster

Johann Schmidt, the mad scientist also known as the Red Skull in director Joe Johnston’s rousing adventure tale, thinks his boss, the Führer, is a wimp and not nearly hard enough on those whom he would vanquish and/or dominate. That’s the kind of über bad guy he is. But fear not, fans of freedom. We’ve got “Captain America: The First Avenger.”


Dear EarthTalk: Why can’t plastics of all types, instead of being initially sorted, simply be melted together to be separated later? — L. Schand, via e-mail