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Looking Back At 2011

We began the second decade of the 21st Century with another tumultuous year. New Jersey has suffered through wild weather, with winter blizzards giving way to summer storms, Hurricane Irene and an October snowstorm that left some without power for nearly a week. And while the economy continued to show some positive signs, for too many their personal financial situation has yet to improve.

A New Year And A New Beginning

The New Year is a time of resolutions. It’s a time when people commit to making a change in their life. Losing weight, changing jobs, saving money, making money, a new relationship, getting in shape, going back to school, or giving up smoking, are just some of the goals people set for themselves on Jan. 1.


Dear EarthTalk: What do I need to know about the new U.S. energy efficiency standards for light bulbs that take effect in January 2012? Will certain bulbs be unavailable? And am I supposed to switch out my older inefficient bulbs with newer efficient ones? — Melissa McCarthy, Aptos, CA

Sexual Harassment In Our Schools

A new report, Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School, produced by the American Association of University Women, makes clear that sending our children to school often means sending them into a hostile environment where sexual harassment is the norm.


Dear EarthTalk: Recycling can be a somewhat time-consuming task; so can you please provide some benefits of taking the time to separate my trash? — Joseph Jiminez, Houston, TX