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Half Of NJ Voters Say Obama Should Be Re-Elected

STATE – Half of New Jersey voters believe President Barack Obama should be re-elected in November, while 40 percent say it’s time for someone new in the Oval Office, according to a new Monmouth University/NJ Press Media Poll. Those numbers are up from 47 percent in February and 46 percent in October.

Movie Review: “The Three Stooges” – An Acquired Distaste

Dr. Halberstoddter, my favorite professor and mentor back at Olde Ivy Film Criticism College, would roll over in his grave if he read my review of the Brothers Farrelly’s “The Three Stooges.” I liked it. Not in the Facebook sense. But in the way we really liked Sally Field when she won the Oscar. Yep, he’d roll over in his grave… if he were dead.