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Obama Has To Explain Why Fairness Is Essential To Growth (And Why Some Democrats Have To Stop Believing Otherwise)

The Cory Booker imbroglio has ignited a silly but potentially pernicious debate in the Democratic Party between so-called “pro-growth centrists” who want the President to focus on how well he’s done getting the economy back on its feet after the Bush administration almost knocked it out, and “pro-fairness populists” who want him to focus on the nation’s widening inequality and Wall Street’s (and Romney’s) continuing role in generating profits for a few at the expense of almost everyone else.

After ‘Citizens United,’ Is Constitutional Amendment Needed?

Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United ruling in 2010, many Democratic lawmakers and advocacy groups have proposed constitutional amendments to overturn the controversial decision — or attempt to curb its impact. But not everyone who disagrees with the decision thinks that’s the right approach to reducing corporate influence in politics.

Lesniak Calls On Governor To Support Internet Wagering & Sports Betting

TRENTON – Following news reports that 13 individuals with connections to organized crime were arrested and charged in an alleged scheme to use an overseas sports betting website to run an illegal online gambling operation, state Sen. Raymond J. Lesniak called on the Gov. Chris Christie to support legalizing internet wagering and removing the federal ban on sports wagering to direct funds from these activities to legitimate businesses within New Jersey.

Great Athletes Learning From Each Other

EDISON — The Middlesex County College men’s basketball team was recently honored by the New Jersey Hawks, an athletic program for young adults with developmental disabilities. The MCC team ran a workshop during the season, in which they taught dribbling, passing and shooting skills.