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AAA Offers Children’s Travel Tips

HAMILTON – Summer remains the most popular and eagerly anticipated season for family travel, according to AAA Travel experts. Options for family travel are varied and may include children traveling alone to visit geographically separated family members, travel with a solo parent or kids leaving parents behind to cruise the world with grandparents.

Another $250 Million Drink For Missile Defenses

The talk of the defense world is the budget — specifically, how to shrink it and what will be cut, due to Congressional wrangling or the looming “sequestration”. Given the new austerity pressures, it’s noteworthy that a costly program targeted for cancellation by both the administration and the Congress has gotten a new government check for a quarter of a billion dollars — and, if the Pentagon gets its wish, will get another $400 million soon.

Prepare And Practice Evacuation Plans

MIDDLESEX COUNTY — Since the beginning of this year, Middlesex County has mourned the fire-related deaths of 11 County residents. Over the course of this series, you will be provided with safety tips that can prevent fires from happening, and could ultimately save lives.