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Legislature Approves Democrats’ $31.74 Billion State Budget

TRENTON – In votes that went along straight party lines, the state Legislature passed the Democrats’ $31.74 billion Fiscal Year 2013 budget Monday. The spending plan fully restores the Earned Income Tax Credit to help New Jersey’s working poor that was reduced two years ago, and sets aside money to give residents tax relief if the state’s revenue collection meets Gov. Chris Christie’s ambitious targets during the first five months of the fiscal year.

OPINION: In a Police State, Everyone Loses

If you’re dark-haired, brown-skinned and have the misfortune of living in Arizona in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in State of Arizona v. United States of America, get ready to be stopped, searched and questioned. Then again, if you’re a citizen living in the United States, this is merely one more component of the police state that appears to be descending upon us.

How To Catch A ‘Phish’

Their names may sound funny but their financial consequences are not: “Phishing,” “smishing,” “vishing” and “pharming” are just a few of the ways criminals gain access to personal information via your computer or smartphone.