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NJ Residents Asked To Pick Their Favorite Beaches

SANDY HOOK–New Jersey residents and beach lovers are once again asked to help rank the state’s favorite shore destinations in the 5th annual New Jersey Top Ten Beaches Poll. Visitors to, which officially opens for vote collecting at noon, will also be invited to take part in a simple, single-question poll that asks them to select which issue they feel will have the biggest impact on the future of coastal New Jersey.

Can Your Family Afford College?

I’m a firm believer that the more knowledge you acquire, the richer your life will be. But as college tuition and fees continue to skyrocket, students and parents increasingly are asking, “Is a degree really worth the cost?”

Are Antibacterial Soaps Anti-Life?

When my sister and I were kids, we giggled upon learning that 60 percent of the human body is comprised of water. We wiggled and wobbled and moved our bodies in mushy wave-like motions, mimicking the sloshy mess one would expect of something made largely of liquid.

Clark 4th Graders Study Presidents

CLARK — Fourth graders in Tara Filippini’s class at Valley Road School in Clark have been learning about nonfiction texts. In honor of Presidents’ Day, students worked in groups to read biographies about John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington.