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Writer’s Block: Label Me…..Confused

I’m not a ‘big label’ shopper, although some people in my family will snicker when they read this. When I buy something, it’s because I’ve looked around, compared price and quality and then I buy what I like, whether it’s Kate Spade or Kate Kmart. But when it comes to political labels, well, it’s not so easy for me.

Movie Review: “Robot & Frank” Offers An Electrical Connection

Well, this is a real treat… one that ardent moviegoers will want to include on their dance card. In “Robot & Frank,” set in the near future, Frank Langella gives a touching demonstration in the subtleties of reality. Multilayered yet exquisite in its simplicity, his semi-retired cat burglar at a major turning point is sweet, sour and provocatively honest.

Some NJ Drivers Will Be Able To Renew Licenses By Mail

SPRINGFIELD – The Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will soon begin some processing driver’s license and non-driver ID renewals by mail. Beginning with documents that expire in November, customers born on or before Dec. 1, 1964 will be able to “Skip the Trip” to an agency and renew through the mail. Eligible customers will begin receiving notices this month.