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Spree Killings Growing More Frequent And More Deadly

With the death toll in the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting rampage now at 12, with 58 wounded, many Americans are asking how future tragedies similar to this can be prevented. While the suspected gunman in this case appears to have purchased his guns legally, in America’s worst spree killing—the murder of 32 individuals and the wounding of 17 more on the Virginia Tech campus in 2007—the killer purchased a gun in spite of known mental health problems.

Writer’s Block: The Summer of My Discontent

There is something magical about a cloudless sky in July. I envision the blueness of the ocean while I’m intoxicated by the scent of the lavender and orange mint that is carried across my deck. Surrounding my private little piece of heaven are trees, roses and an assortment of colorful blooms.