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Writer’s Block: Blessings And Burdens

It’s been said over and over again that the most important job in the world, and arguably the hardest job, is that of being a parent. When our children are young and in need of adult guidance to help them grow into responsible and productive individuals, other experienced parents seem to come out of the ground like ants at a picnic, ready to offer advice about such things as nutrition, sleeping, potty training and, later, the need for independence.

OPINION: The Fanatical GOP

The Republican Party platform committee has included a provision banning all abortions, without even an exception for rape or incest. This is basically Todd Akin’s position. (At least the GOP platform doesn’t assert that women’s bodies automatically reject “legitimate” rapists’ sperm.)

Two Vietnamese Nationals Charged With Falsely Accused NJ Relatives Of Human Trafficking

TRENTON – A man and a woman from Vietnam who entered the United States on student visas were indicted today for allegedly falsely reporting to authorities that relatives in New Jersey had engaged in human trafficking by forcing them to act as domestic servants and work in nail salons in Mercer County without pay, Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa announced.