IRS Tax Tip: Get Your Prior Years Tax Information from the IRS

Sometimes taxpayers need a copy of an old tax return, but can’t find or don’t have their own records. There are three easy and convenient options for getting taxreturn transcripts and tax account transcripts from the IRS: on the web, by phone or by mail. There are eight things you need to know about getting federal taxreturn information from a previously filed tax return.

Puncturing The Hot Air Balloons On Defense Spending

In November, when lawmakers were discussing the defense budget, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta issued a dire warning: In a letter to Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, he wrote that a threatened deep reduction — about $1 trillion over the next decade — would create “an unacceptable risk in future combat operations.”

Movie Review: “Red Tails” …and Stout of Heart

When first the Tuskegee Airmen take to the sky in “Red Tails,” director Anthony Hemingway’s action-filled chronicle inspired by the African-American 332nd Squadron’s service during WWII, you want to be a pilot, too. At least I did. And the six fifteen-year-old boys to my right, who quieted down once the pageantry began, apparently agreed.