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The Black Hole Of Improper Payments

Going strictly by the numbers, the DOD appears to be a model agency when it comes to avoiding what the government calls “improper payments” — those that should never have been made, or amount to more than was agreed in a contract. Despite their $687 billion budget, DOD has reported contributing relatively little to the government’s estimated $100 billion in improper payments in each of the last three years.

Earth Hour Fades At US Border

Consider an hour without power, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, local time. Organizers say as many as 1.8 billion will join in the symbolic environmental event worldwide. But if you live in the US, your neighbors may think you just blew a fuse.

Writer’s Block: Bloom, Baby, Bloom!

Last week’s summer weather tease was all it took to push some of us over the edge to do the unthinkable and wear open-toed sandals in March. I can still hear the gasps among fashion traditionalists who also hold tight to the belief that no one should wear white after Labor Day.