Northeast Corridor Receives Federal Transportation Funds

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced $2 billion in high-speed rail awards to speed up trains in the Northeast Corridor, expand service in the Midwest and provide new, state-of-the-art locomotives and rail cars as part of a plan to transform travel in America.

Security Breach In PATH Tunnel: Man Walked Halfway From WTC To Jersey City

An emotionally disturbed man walked halfway through a PATH tunnel from the World Trade Center to Exchange Place before a work crew spotted him and called police — an incident that has raised major security concerns in what is supposed to be a time of heightened alert, Jerry DeMarco writes in an exclusive report for the Cliffview Pilot.

AG Strengthens Statewide Police Internal Affairs Policy

TRENTON – Attorney General Paula T. Dow announced substantial revisions to the Attorney General’s Internal Affairs Policy & Procedures to ensure that complaints against law enforcement officers in New Jersey are thoroughly investigated and that individual cases of misconduct and potential patterns of abuse are appropriately addressed.

Presidential Primary Could Return To June Date

TRENTON – Lawmakers are considering a bill that would return New Jersey’s February presidential primary to June, when it was held prior to 2005. The state holds primary elections for all other offices on the first Tuesday in June each year.