Writer’s Block: Occupational Hazards

One of the best things about my job as a high school counselor is that I get to stay young for as long as I continue to work in this position. This is because in working with students, you have to stay on top of all the hottest fashions, music, technology and social networks. But I also like my work because I am frequently reminded that what you see is not always what you get.

Movie Review: “The Grey” – Shades of Horror

Death, the great unknown, haunts at every instance in director Joe Carnahan’s “The Grey,” a tale of survival as exhausting as it is unsettling. This is brutal, in-your-face stuff, a big, icy metaphor set in Alaska that won’t relent in its harsh fatalism. Yet, just because it has some highfalutin philosophy doesn’t earn it the right to pawn off a copout ending.