Writer’s Block: Posed And Exposed

I have resisted jumping on the bandwagon that signals out politicians as the front-runners in the lapsed judgment department. While they are very well represented in the Bad Behavior Olympics, in truth, they also have a lot of company with people from all walks of life.

Assembly Passes Bill To Limit Employer Unemployment Tax Hike

TRENTON – Legislation to limit the increase in New Jersey’s employers’ unemployment tax liabilty was approved 37-0 Thursday by the Senate. The bill (A-3819) was approved 76-0 by the Assembly on May 9. It now goes to the governor.

NJ Files Complaints Against Companies Unauthorized To Prepare Immigration Documents

NEWARK – The Office of the Attorney General and State Division of Consumer Affairs filed administrative complaints against three companies accused of falsely advertising that they were authorized to prepare immigration documents on behalf of clients.

Two Florida Men Indicted In Pharmaceutical Drug Trafficking Scheme

NEWARK—A federal grand jury returned an indictment against two Florida men who allegedly conspired to traffic in pharmaceutical drugs from a shipment, worth $8.8 million, stolen at a Georgia truck stop and driven to New Jersey, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced Wednesday.