Community Calendar

Tag Sale • June 18 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. – The Merchants & Drovers Tavern Museum Association will hold their annual tag sale at the museum, on the corner of St. Georges & Westfield aves., Rahway. Info: 1-732-381-0441. Rain Date: June 25.

Financial Advice For Fathers

With Father’s Day upon us, dads everywhere are gearing up for an avalanche of gifts and “I love yous” from their spouses and kids. If you really want to return their affection, think about what you can do to protect your family financially.

“Midnight in Paris” – The Brilliance of Woody’s Twilight

Attempting to figure out where filmmaker Woody Allen’s brilliant “Midnight in Paris” slots in among his best works, it occurs that it would be just as difficult to decide which of Babe Ruth’s homeruns were the most magnificent.

Father And Son Continue To Build A Strong Bond Through Music

WOODBRIDGE– For over 100 years, the third Sunday in June has been set aside as a time for families to celebrate all that it means to be called ‘Dad’. Often, the day is filled with celebrations of fatherhood and paternal bonds, especially the one between father and son.

American Lung Association Encourages Dads to Quit Smoking

BRIDGEVILLE –There are more than 25.6 million adult male smokers in the United States. Over 17 percent of adult males in New Jersey are smokers. This Father’s Day, the American Lung Association in New Jersey encourages fathers to quit smoking and urges their families to support them as they attempt to quit for good.

Writer’s Block: Looking For A Memory On Father’s Day

Sometimes I think that Father’s Day plays second fiddle to Mother’s Day. Maybe all the flower and jewelry commercials that try to convince us to ‘show mom how much you love her’ have something to do with it. Maybe women just need affirmation more than men because we are wired differently.

Sweeney Testifies That Public Employee Benefit Changes Are “Fair And Affordable”

TRENTON – NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester) testified before the state Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee in support of a bill to alter the pensions and health care benefits offered to public employees.

Broke Brownfield Fund Is Bad Policy, Says Sierra Club

STATE — The state Department of Environmental Protection and the League of Municipalities held a joint series of round tables on brownfields and site remediation this week, but an environmental group notes that the discussions won’t amount to much.