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Dear EarthTalk: In recent years the hotel industry began to green up operations, but has it yet gone beyond leaving out little cards to encourage you to re-use your towels and linens? — Mason Singer, St. Louis, MO

Tips For Coping With The Stresses Of Modern Life

(StatePoint) From economic uncertainty, to random acts of violence, to divisive politics — modern society has its pitfalls. And if the headlines have you down, you’re not alone. According to a recent Gallup study, three-quarters of the population is dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time.

CEA Boss Got Criminal Immunity

CARTERET — The president of the Carteret teacher’s union received immunity from criminal prosecution in exchange for testimony about an alleged conspiracy to steal confidential student records, but authorities say high school teacher John Nartowicz is subject to possible administrative and civil charges that could result in him being permanently banned from teaching in the state of New Jersey.

Close To Christie

Republican Gov. Chris Christie, shown here campaigning in Perth Amboy with Mayor Wilda Diaz, who delivered the Republican National Convention keynote address for Romney at the GOP convention in Tampa, was also the honored speaker at Diaz’s inauguration.

PERTH AMBOY — Republican Gov. Chris Christie has been very close to Mayor Wilda Diaz since the day she took office, but political observers are watching to see how much money the GOP pours into her re-election fun when state campaign finance reports are released next week.

Privatizing Ambulances Saved Money, Lost Lives

PERTH AMBOY — While 20-year-old Deny Santana-Delora was bleeding badly after being stabbed on a recent Saturday night in downtown Perth Amboy, help was relayed from a frantic 9-1-1 caller through government employees to a non-profit organization that responds to similar calls from almost a dozen area communities.