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Appraisals Faulted

While many Perth Amboy residents received higher tax bills this year, Mayor Wilda Diaz saw her bill go down after her home’s assessed value was reduced.

PERTH AMBOY — A reflection of the grossly unfair distribution of the city’s tax burden under Mayor Wilda Diaz is evidenced by a rash of complaints filed by citizens disputing the municipal assessor’s appraisal of their property values, which have a direct correlation to tax bills.

Caffrey Buries Rodriguez

PERTH AMBOY — Political retribution was at the top of her agenda when Janine Walker Caffrey returned as superintendent of schools — after Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s minions reinstated her over the wishes of the duly elected Board of Education — demonstrated exactly why the anti-public education administrator is wrong on the issue of teacher tenure.

Two State Treasury Officials Sentenced On Charges Of Official Misconduct

Former Director of the New Jersey Division of Taxation Robert K.Thompson (Photo courtesy of NJ Attorney General's Office)

TRENTON – The former Director of the New Jersey Division of Taxation and an Assistant Deputy Director were sentenced today for accepting lavish gifts from a collections company, OSI Collections Services Inc., while continuing to take action on the company’s contracts with the state to collect unpaid taxes, Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa announced.