Carteret Prepares For Battle Of The Bands

CARTERET – Local music groups are invited to participate in Carteret’s Battle of the Bands next month. The free event, presented by Mayor Dan Reiman and the Carteret Arts Committee, will take place at Carteret Waterfront Park on Saturday, Aug. 20, beginning at 5 p.m.

NJ Legislature Bans Fracking, Supports RGGI

TRENTON – The state Legislature handed environmentalists two victories last week by banning a controversial natural gas drilling technique and affirming support for New Jersey’s participation in a regional program designed to reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

NJ Senate Approves Bill To Expand Oversight, Regulation Of One-Room Surgical Practices

TRENTON – The state Senate approved a bill last week that would require one-room surgical practices to conform to the same level of oversight and regulation reserved for larger facilities by a vote of 30-8.

Bill To Expand NJ’s DNA Database Headed To Governor

TRENTON – The Assembly passed a bill that would require individuals arrested on suspicion of most violent crimes to contribute samples to New Jersey’s DNA database by a vote of 67-4-7 last week. The bill now goes to the governor for his consideration.


Dear EarthTalk: Radioactive rain recently fell in Massachusetts, likely due to Japan’s nuclear mess. Given the threats of radiation, wouldn’t it be madness now to continue with nuclear power?

Christie Uses Line Item Veto To Slash Budget

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie used his line item veto to remove $900 million in spending from the budget that the Democrat-controlled Legislature passed Wednesday, resulting in a $29.7 billion spending plan for the fiscal year that begins today.

Celebrate The Fourth With Fireworks

AREA – Independence Day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, when the American colonies asserted their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.