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Managing The Tax And Insurance Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy

ROSELAND – Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the lives of thousands in the tri-state area. Clearly, the immediate need is food, shelter and medical care. But in the weeks to come, individuals and businesses will be faced with a variety of financial ramifications from the storm. New Jersey Society of CPAs members offer a few helpful tips.

E.T. ‘Phones’ The Newark Museum

NEWARK – When the stranded extra-terrestrial E. T. tried to contact his friends in outer space, he built a communicator from ordinary household items to send a signal and get a spaceship to come rescue him. But truth be told, E.T.’s communicator was devised right here in New Jersey.

ALJ “Pink-Out” Raises Money To Fight Breast Cancer

CLARK — On Friday, Oct. 26, the Arthur L. Johnson and Cranford High School cheerleaders joined forces to help raise awareness and money to fight breast cancer. Both teams promoted the Friday night football game as a “Pink-Out,” asking all fans to wear pink in support of the cause. The cheerleaders sold t-shirts to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The ALJ cheerleaders raised over $1,400.