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Movie Review: “Lincoln” Is Honest Entertainment

We knew Lincoln was a great man, a wit, an altruist, a template for humanitarianism and a darn good rassler in his youth. But often lost is what a brilliant politician he was, maybe because of the negative connotation generally ascribed that occupation. In director Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” Daniel Day-Lewis magnificently rectifies that oversight.

Tips For Reducing Holiday And Post-Holiday Depression

NEWARK–According to the National Mental Health Association, the holidays and post-holidays may be a time of depression for some individuals. The reasons for this increased unhappiness can stem from limited financial resources and family tensions to fatigue and a sense of sadness when events do not go as planned.

Last-Minute Ways To Trim Your Taxes

From now until New Year’s is probably when you have the least amount of time to spare on mundane financial bookkeeping tasks. But if you can dedicate a few minutes to review your benefits and tax paperwork, you might be able to shave hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars off your 2012 taxes.

[OPINION] Myth Busted: Poll Shows Entrepreneurs Would Let High-Income Tax Cuts Expire

The politically charged debate over high-income tax cuts is reaching a fever pitch, and the question being asked across the nation is whether small businesses’ hiring ability will suffer if these cuts expire at the end of the year. Recently released scientific opinion polling shows what real small business owners think, and it might surprise you.