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[OPINION] No More Business As Usual

My family and I live in Lower Manhattan. Hurricane Sandy left us, as it did so many other families and businesses, without power, heat, hot water and refrigeration. Out heartfelt best goes out to all who were affected. Recovery hasn’t been easy – not for any of us.

Poll: NJ Voters Support Right-To-Die Legislation

STATE — By a 46 to 38 percent margin, New Jersey voters support a bill that would allow physician-assisted suicide in New Jersey, according to the most recent results from Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind poll. Garden State Democrats and Republicans are about equally likely to support the measure, and the big split among voters seems to be based on religious grounds.

Understanding 401(k) Fees

If you’re like many Americans – 71 percent, according to an AARP survey – you might be under the impression that your 401(k) plan administrator doesn’t charge you anything to maintain your account. You’d be wrong.