Feds Bust Major Smuggling Operations

NEWARK – Federal agencies coordinating parallel international investigations have disrupted massive conspiracies to import hundreds of millions of dollars in counterfeit goods from China and illegal drugs from Taiwan to the United States, authorities announced today.

Writer’s Block: Governor Christie, Pay Attention!

Back in 1984, Wendy’s made a commercial depicting how a competitor’s hamburger buns were getting bigger while the actual hamburger inside was shrinking. A feisty old lady looked straight into the camera and with a confrontational tone, bellowed, “Where’s the beef?”

Is Lack Of Sleep Contributing To Your Weight Gain?

Something to consider during this National Sleep Awareness Week, March 5-11; according to the American Obesity Association nearly 200 million Americans are categorized as being overweight or obese and more than 70 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder.

Movie Review: “Wanderlust” – Utopia, Anyone?

“Wanderlust,” David Wain’s comically entertaining what-if scenario about a New York couple who accidentally traipses onto a neo-Hippie commune whilst fleeing the rigors of unemployment and big city anxiety, recalls the road not taken. Its charm lies in a satiric revival of a time and place where many a romantic thought they might spend their days.