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[OPINION] Global Capital and the Nation State

As global capital becomes ever more powerful, giant corporations are holding governments and citizens up for ransom — eliciting subsidies and tax breaks from countries concerned about their nation’s “competitiveness” — while sheltering their profits in the lowest-tax jurisdictions they can find. Major advanced countries — and their citizens — need a comprehensive tax agreement that won’t allow global corporations to get away with this.

Avoiding Hidden Flight, Hotel Fees

The last few years have been tough economically for many people. Unemployment fears combined with plunging home, stock and retirement account values caused many to forgo big vacations – even though stressful times are when we most need to recharge our batteries.

Writer’s Block: Who Do You Trust?

When I was nine years old, I told my best friend Judy that I liked a certain boy in our class. I swore her to secrecy that she wouldn’t tell anyone. She eagerly agreed and so we did the sacred ‘pinky swear’ to seal our secret. In the fourth grade, the ‘pinky swear’ was considered a serious, binding agreement between friends.

NJ Launches Annual “Click It Or Ticket” Campaign

TRENTON – As motorists take to the roads this Memorial Day holiday, the Division of Highway Traffic Safety is urging everyone to buckle up. Beginning on May 20, law enforcement officials will be out in full force, taking part in the 2013 national Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement mobilization and cracking down on motorists who are not belted.