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Actor Frankie Faison to Receive Honorary Degree

Montclair State University will confer approximately 1,000 degrees to undergraduate and graduate students on January 23 during the institution’s new January Commencement ceremony at Newark’s Prudential Center. The University will also present Tony-nominated actor and longtime Montclair, N.J. resident Frankie…

Republicans hope to outlaw peaceful protest & free speech

Republican legislators across the country have quietly introduced a number of proposals to criminalize and discourage peaceful protest in response to a string of actions led by Black Lives Matter activists and opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Republicans expect an invigorated protest movement during the Trump years.

North Dakota, for instance, Republicans proposed a bill that would allow motorists to “negligently”
cause the injury or death of any protester obstructing a highway. If the bill becomes law, a driver may not be held liable for any damages to people who participate in protests and acts involving civil disobedience.

Abill introduced by Minnesota Republicans would dramatically increase fines for freeway protests and would allow prosecutors to seek a full year of jail time for protesters blocking a highway.

Republicans in Washington state proposed a plan to reclassify as a felony civil any protests that are deemed “economic terrorism.”

Republicans in Michigan introduced an anti-picketing law that would increase penalties against protesters and make it easier for businesses to sue individuals for engaging in free speech.

An Iowa Republican also pledged to introduce legislation that would target state universities that use taxpayer dollars to fund election-related sit-ins and grief counseling above and beyond what is normally available to students.

Those that do would be subject to a budget cut for double the amount they spend on such activities, said Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, R-Wilton.

Kaufmann’s bill would establish new criminal penalties for protesters who shut down highways, like those who briefly closed Interstate Highway 80 in Iowa City during a protest against President-elect Donald Trump.




The Trump Era Begins

by John Zogby The world has turned upside down. How you feel about the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the Presidency depends on whether you were already standing right side up or were already upside down. There is so much…