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Another $250 Million Drink For Missile Defenses

The talk of the defense world is the budget — specifically, how to shrink it and what will be cut, due to Congressional wrangling or the looming “sequestration”. Given the new austerity pressures, it’s noteworthy that a costly program targeted for cancellation by both the administration and the Congress has gotten a new government check for a quarter of a billion dollars — and, if the Pentagon gets its wish, will get another $400 million soon.

House Republicans Vote To Cut Food Stamp Funds

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last week, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to cut almost $36 billion from the federal food stamps program in order to preserve the Pentagon budget from an automatic 10 percent cut that’s due to take effect because a supercommittee failed to reach an agreement on how to reduce the nation’s budget deficit last year.